SimDirector is Prepar3D’s scenario creation tool designed to provide a premiere scenario creation experience from start to finish. With SimDirector, users can now rapidly and easily create and share structured learning experiences. Teachers, instructors, and students can create lessons, instructions, and flight scenarios, all with dynamic feedback to the user.

PlaneJoe provides an overview of the steps to get started with this powerful tool. Afterward, you can continue to grow your SimDirector skills by following the online SimDirector Course to go further in depth.

Check out all of PlaneJoe’s Prepar3D Tutorials on in the Learn menu.


PlaneJoe is a private pilot who trained locally in Florida for his pilot certificate. Completing his certificate at just 47 hours of flight time, PlaneJoe attributes his proficiency to practicing in simulators, specifically Prepar3D. Follow the adventures of PlaneJoe on Youtube.