Change is good, like when Parallel 42 reversed their position on Prepar3D v6 support of their popular camera system add-on, ChasePlane, after saying, “There are no plans to develop for P3D v6.

The recently released ChasePlane Professional has been fully optimized for Prepar3D v6, completely untangling and removing almost a decade of code supporting old sim versions and resources. ChasePlane presets will import without issue, as this was a key feature for training facilities that manage multiple installs. FSX support is gone, and Prepar3D V1-5 support is gone. It’s lean, clean, and optimized for Prepar3D v6 to minimize required Features including the ability to save custom views, cinematic mode, an In-Sim View Selector, complete camera control, including roll axis and zoom, realistic turbulence, and more.

ChasePlane Professional is available exclusively from for Prepar3D v6 for $50. As a faithful gesture, through the end of July 2023, Parallel 42 is offering a 20% savings on this new license.