Heads Up View LLC is proud to introduce the first-ever Heads Up Displays (HUDs) for flight simulation enthusiasts with easy integration with Prepar3D.

Now you can enjoy what modern military pilots experience with the DT1 and SC1 Heads Up Displays. The DT1 and SC1 are precision optics assemblies which project HUD data beyond and in front of the HUD’s physical location just like in a real fighter jet. Known as ‘collimation’, this allows pilots to focus on the outside world while viewing critical flight information simultaneously. If you love military-style flight simulation and want to enhance the realism of your flying experience, you’re going to want a genuine HUD from Heads Up View.

In support of the Prepar3D community, Heads Up View LLC is offering 20% off your order by entering Promo Code IFLYP3D at checkout.



Visit www.headsupview.com for more details on their great products.