EU Norway Prepar3D v2 – Experience Orbx’s Most Detailed Region Yet

Explore Orbx’s most detailed region yet!

FTX Norway covers ~160,000 square miles (~420,000 sq km), all of Norway* plus narrow boundary regions of adjacent Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Enjoy a wide variety of landscapes — scenic coastlines and offshore islands, deeply incised fjords, vast interior plateaus covered with close to one million lakes, lush agricultural areas along the corridors of large rivers, colorful villages, bustling urban centers, and industrial sites associated with oil & gas exploration — and all have been recreated with great detail and accuracy.

Hand-placed custom landclass along with the road and railroad networks, powerlines, wind farms, and vertical obstructions are included for true-to-life VFR flying. Many key points of interests, urban as well as natural, are featured with seasonal photoreal coverage and are fully annotated with autogen buildings and vegetation. The city of Alesund has received special “Cityscape” treatment and we’ve also added important structures in Norway’s capital, Oslo. Custom models of other landmark structures include two dozen major bridges, 28 of the iconic wooden stave churches, and almost 100 lighthouses.

Just like with our other region titles we’ve given each of the 117 listed airports and 18 unlisted airstrips a major upgrade, with more accurate placements of runways and taxiways as well as buildings, hangars, static aircraft, moving people (and creatures), and lots of “clutter”. Last but not least all ground textures are hand-annotated with our custom autogen objects including the spectacular and frame-rate friendly FTX Global-style night lighting.

Exclusive Prepar3D v2 Gallery of EU Norway from Orbx:
Detailed Features:
  • Superb ground textures from local sources
  • Hand-placed landclass covers every sq mile
  • Custom autogen textures and objects
  • FTX Global 3D night lighting effects
  • Accurate roads, rivers, lakes, powerlines
  • 135 airports have been added or upgraded
  • Custom models of 25 significant bridges
  • 28 stave churches and 97 lighthouses
  • Highly detailed Alesund “Cityscape”
  • Enhanced Oslo waterfront and downtown
  • 12 photoreal natural and industrial areas
  • Customized 10-m resolution terrain mesh
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