Orbx releases Northern California scenery addon for Prepar3D v2


Prepar3D v2 supports an ecosystem of very talented developers and designers who build addons for Prepar3D.  A great highlight of this partnership is Orbx.  Orbx develops extremely high fidelity, award-winning environment and scenery expansions for Prepar3D.

Orbx has recently released their new FTX terrain region, NA Gold Northern California.  Their Northern California region supports and takes advantage of many of the new rendering engine features in Prepar3D v2, including the new ultra water, dynamic shadows, and enhanced reflection settings.  The new autogen instancing system allows for even more trees and buildings to be rendered than ever before for increased immersion in VFR flying, learning and training.

Highlights of NA Gold Northern California include:

  • Superb ground textures from local sources
  • Hand-placed landclass covers ever square mile
  • Custom autogen textures and objects
  • New (FTX Global) 3D night lighting effects
  • Accurate roads, rivers, lakes, powerlines
  • Over 360 airports have been upgraded
  • Custom models of eight major Bay bridges
  • More than 30 windfarms and many hydro dams
  • Over 25 photoreal natural and urban areas
  • Includes Yosemite, Mt. Shasta, Crater Lake
  • 10-m USGS terrain mesh with LIDAR inserts
  • Continues coverage south from Orbx PNW

Head to the Prepar3D.com image gallery to see an exclusive gallery of Northern California in Prepar3D v2.1.

To see Orbx FTX Northern California in action, see the video produced by Orbx Below.  For more information on Orbx and their other products for Prepar3D see the Orbx FTX website.

To purchase the Northern California expansion for Prepar3D v2, see the FTX NA Gold Northern California product page.