FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 for Prepar3D®

FSInventions has released a new version of the FSFlyingSchool add-on for Prepar3D®. FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013 includes these expanded features.

Voice Command Pack: This feature allows you to talk to your instructors. Use the Voice Command Pack to get updated information on your flight plan, destination airport, weather, waypoints and ground and air traffic. You can also ask the instructors to identify airports you see out of the windows.

On Approach PLUS Pack: On Approach allows you to set up approaches to any runway in the world. FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 includes the On Approach PLUS Pack which allows you to set up intersecting approaches, set approach initial altitude and more. You can also have FSFlyingSchool Pro 2013 choose a random airport for you.

Beechcraft Baron 58, Cessna 152 and Mooney Bravo Detail Packs: In addition to detailed analysis of your flights, you’ll hear extra advice and warnings specific to the Beechcraft Baron 58, Cessna 152 and Mooney Bravo aircraft from the instructors. Guidance includes stall speeds, use of fuel boost pumps, cowl flaps, propeller controls, rate of climb, angle of climb, flap speeds, run up procedures, fuel, starting the engines, one-engine-out speeds, landing techniques, mixture controls and more.

To find out more, watch videos or download a demo, visit the FSFlyingSchool website.

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