Prepar3D 1.1 Release update

We should be announcing the release date for version 1.1 of Prepar3D very soon.   I thought I would take a little bit of space to let you know of the changes and fixes in this release. This is not the finalized list, but pretty close to it.  There will be a complete changelog available to reflect the final 1.1 release version.

New Features

  • Multi-Touch support added
    • Multi touch on single touchpanels and across multiple touchpanels
  • New functionality to Save and Load Custom Control configurations
  • New SimConnect APIs Added to support enhanced development
    • Synchronous SimConnect
      • Allows for “blocking” callbacks, meaning that the SimConnect server side will wait until you release it to continue running the sim
      • Both new APIs and additional flag values for existing APIs
    • Ground Info Query
      • Allows querying for a grid of ground alt info around a point or a SimObject
      • Can query for just ground, or ground and platforms (landable surfaces)
  • External Simulation Support Available through SimConnect
    • Allows writing an external simulation via SimConnect
    • Primary External Sims are the main sim for a SimObject, they compute everything
    • Secondary External Sims allow adding additional secondary sims to handle simulating/animating subsystems
    • SimObject containers can be created that use External Sims (via the aircraft.cfg/sim.cfg file)
    • Existing objects can be created and have their existing simulation overridden with a primary external sim at runtime
    • Secondary external sims can be attached to existing simobjects at runtime
    • Simple sample external sim included in the SDK’s SimConnect samples directory
  • Additions to the standard vehicle models (legacy aircraft showing some of the proud history we have!) 

GPS Gauge Enhancements to Allow FAA Qualification

  • GPS welcome/verification page
  • Support for SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures) and STARs (Standard Arrivals)
  • XML format defined for SIDs and STARs
  • Added synchronization of CDI scale with analogue instruments


  • Updated Sensor view integration, examples and documentation
  • Multi-channel instructions rewritten for clarity
  • GUID generator example
  • Documentation to add SIDS and STARS
  • How to control observer views through SimConnect

Performance Improvements

  • More efficient handling of Bathymetry
  • Optimizations for running with Bathymetry disabled
  • Upgraded rain/snow shaders to 3.0
  • Upgraded default aircraft shaders to 3.0
  • Default system performance configuration has been updated

User Interface Updates/Modernization Continue

  • Redesigned, dynamic menu system
  • New modernized screens
    • Kneeboard
    • Settings
    • ATC
    • Fuel payload
    • Multiplayer chat
    • Flight plan

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