Glass Cockpit Trainer Receives FAA Certification

P1-1000ELITE Simulation Solutions and Flight1 Aviation Technologies have combined forces to build a new PI-1000 glass cockpit training device with the Prepar3D® simulation platform. The training device recently received Federal Aviation Administration certification as an Advanced Aviation Training Device.

Designed for pilots who fly Cessna, Diamond and other aircrafts, the trainer is one of the few certified offering a glass cockpit. This allows pilots who fly with glass panel technology to train with glass and the visual realism offered by Prepar3D.

The PI-1000 features an ELITE Pro Panel II Flight Console, ELITE rudder pedals, G1000 emulation hardware, an Integrated Standby Instrument System, a 32-inch LED external visual display and two computer systems. The ELITE hardware works together with the Prepar3D platform and Flight1 Tech’s G1000 simulation and Vispro instructor station software as a complete G1000 training system.

Congratulations to our friends at ELITE Simulation Solutions and Flight1 Aviation Technologies on the PI-1000’s certification. For more details, please visit Elite Simulation Solutions or Flight1 Aviation Technologies.