Prepar3D®Announces ForeFlight Mobile Compatibility

ForeFlight Mobile provides flight planning and in flight support.

The same ForeFlight Mobile app used for flight planning and enroute navigation is now available for your Prepar3D® simulations. With FSXFlight as the interface, your Prepar3D aircraft position information is sent to ForeFlight Mobile’s app, providing a moving map electronic flight bag. ForeFlight Mobile is another option to tailor your experience in Prepar3D to train how you fly.

With this app, you can:

  • Use the ForeFlight Mobile moving map
  • Display aircraft position on taxi diagrams
  • Display aircraft position on select approach plates
  • View aircraft speed, track and altitude information

ForeFlight Mobile is a best-selling app used by pilots and flight operators to gather preflight weather information, plan flights, conduct preflight research, file flight plans and keep enroute charts and terminal procedures up to date. ForeFlight Mobile includes many of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NAV CANADA’s official flight publications, including the FAA Digital Terminal Procedures, the FAA’s digital aeronautical data, digital VFR and IFR enroute charts, NAV CANADA’s Canada Air Pilot procedures and more.

You will need to download FSXFlight to connect Prepar3D to ForeFlight Mobile. Please visit FSXFlight and ForeFlight for more information about these tools.

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