Announcing the Release of Prepar3D® 1.3

Prepar3D® 1.3 launches with enhancements based on customer feedback.

Based on user feedback, the Lockheed Martin team continuously expands the performance and features offered in our Prepar3D® simulation software for the most immersive learning environment. In version 1.3, we’ve implemented several application enhancements and made fixes to improve the simulation platform’s stability and usability.

“We’ve taken customer comments and suggestions from the Prepar3D Support Forum to make Prepar3D the most effective simulation tool for learning on the market. With Prepar3D 1.3, we focused on enhancements to the user interface, multi-player functionality for distributed training exercises and performance,” said Martile Allen, program manager for Prepar3D.

Review the release notes for more details about the updates available in Prepar3D 1.3.

Prepar3D can be used by private pilots, commercial organizations, the military and academia as an experiential training program for virtually any scenario imaginable. In Prepar3D, users can practice a mission or flight plan before it happens to increase effectiveness during real-world operations.

For more about how Lockheed Martin Prepar3D can enhance your training experiences, please visit the product overview page.

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