Prepar3D 1.2® Now Available!

Taking training to the next level, Lockheed Martin has launched Prepar3D 1.2 to offer students and professionals the most immersive learning environment. The latest iteration of the visual simulation software includes new features and enhancements for aviation, maritime, ground-based and emergency response training scenarios.

Prepar3D can be used by private pilots, commercial organizations, the military and academia as an experiential training program for virtually any scenario imaginable. In Prepar3D, users can practice a mission or flight plan before it happens to increase effectiveness during real-world operations.

“The Lockheed Martin team is excited to offer enhanced training capabilities through the release of Prepar3D 1.2,” said Martile Allen, program manager for Prepar3D. “We’re committed to continuing to evolve the Prepar3D environment to provide the most effective simulation tool for training needs.”

The latest features and functions available in Prepar3D include:

  • New user interface – Users now have a Windows 7 compatible drag n’ drop interface with customizable settings. Quickly create and save your favorite missions.
  • Multiple monitor settings saved – Users can quickly save panel and scenery window locations across multiple monitors with flight files. Prepar3D remembers the settings upon restarting a flight and restarting Prepar3D.
  • Internet multi-player capability – Users across the globe can collaborate with others within the Prepar3D environment to train for their missions or tasks.
  • Multi-channel capability – Users can harness the power of this new feature to operate Prepar3D with multiple monitors creating a more expansive viewing capability all the way up to 360 degrees field of view .
  • Sensor camera options – Users can experience night vision and infrared sensor camera options to enhance military mission or night flying training.
  • Realistic scenery – Millions of square kilometers of the earth have been checked and upgraded to accurately represent the urban environment.
  • Higher quality graphics – Users will experience higher quality graphics such as more realistic rainy or snowy weather with the modernized shader model 3.0. Also offered for higher quality graphics are increased texture limits which can be set as high as 4096 x 4096.
  • Underwater environments – Users can take their simulation experience under water with submarines and the U.S. Geological Survey’s coastal bathymetry.
  • Enhanced developer toolset – Developers can use the Prepar3D environment to create new training solutions for the most modern platforms. To aid in rapid development, Prepar3D is now fully compatible with Windows 7 and Visual Studio 2010; it offers a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) user interface, an external simulator capability that provides enhanced control of the simulation code, new code samples updated in the Software Development Kit (SDK) documentation and support for the latest 3DStudio Max tools.

The release notes for Prepar3D 1.2 are available here.

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