Scalable Display Technologies Provides EasyBlend Compatibility for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D® Software

Nov 15, 2010 09:00 ET

EasyBlend™ Auto-Calibration Option Enables Immersive Projected Displays

CAMBRIDGE, MA–(Marketwire – November 15, 2010) – Scalable Display Technologies (SDT), a leading provider of software for multi-projection display systems, today announced that Lockheed Martin’s recently launched Prepar3D® professional training and simulation software is shipping “EasyBlend Ready,” enabling it to seamlessly interoperate with SDT’s EasyBlend™ calibration software.

Prepar3D® builds on a proven simulation framework for aviation training. Lockheed Martin is customizing it for ground, civil, and logistics applications. Engaging users in immersive experiences with realistic environments, Prepar3D® is an affordable tool for training, evaluating, and preparing personnel for optimal performance in the real world.

SDT is recognized as a world leader in camera-based, auto calibration software for high-resolution, multi-projector immersive training displays. EasyBlend uses a camera feedback loop to calculate the perfect geometric correction required to project seamlessly on screens of any size or geometry. The geometric corrections can be automatically applied to Prepar3D® due to an EasyBlend SDK integration undertaken by Lockheed Martin.

The combination of Prepar3D® and EasyBlend enables a wide range of customers to have their out-the-window imagery synchronized, blended and geometrically aligned for a realistic, immersive training experience. The combination of these software-based solutions together with COTS hardware is changing the cost profile of high-fidelity simulators.

“We are pleased that Lockheed Martin has taken the initiative to address the market need for automatic calibration of projector-based displays by offering Prepar3D®with EasyBlend compatibility,” said Andrew Jamison, CEO of Scalable Display Technologies, Inc. “This technology will enable aviation professionals to create seamless, multiple-projector edge-blended displays in brilliant high resolution at a COTS price point.”

Available in a flat or curved-screen version, EasyBlend and EasyBlendFX offer the greatest level of technical precision in the industry, making them the ideal auto-calibration technology for simulation applications. Using a patented camera-feedback system to calculate pixel-perfect instructions, or warp meshes, EasyBlend automatically calibrates a display and completes the task of aligning multiple projector display systems within seconds to achieve the highest quality edge-blended images with rich and precise color. By using camera feedback of an image array to correct for image warping, adjust color and blend images, EasyBlend produces displays that are bright, high resolution, portable, and self-calibrating. This purely digital approach enables display systems that cannot be engineered by conventional means, either mechanically or optically.

The Prepar3D® application from Lockheed Martin is available for purchase on EasyBlend auto-calibration software is available through Scalable Display Technologies and through its worldwide distributor network. For more information on EasyBlend, please call 1-617-864-9300 or visit

Both solutions will be on display at the Interservice, Industry, Training, Education and Simulation Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando this November.

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