Prepar3D v6.1 Patch 1 (6.1.9) is now available. If enabled, you will receive a notification when starting Prepar3D to download and install the update. It can also be downloaded immediately from the Downloads section of the Prepar3D website.

This patch is a complete one and can be installed automatically through the auto-updater, just like smaller patches. If you choose to download it manually, all you need to do is run the Setup_Prepar3D.exe file to install it. Uninstalling version 6.1.8 before installing this update is not necessary, as the installer will automatically remove and replace the previous version.

Prepar3D v6.1 Patch 1 contains the following changes:

  • Fixed issue where in some cases the gauge windows could incorrectly maximize when going in or out of full screen.
  • Resolved crash that could occur in some instances when rendering flight plans in shared cockpit.
  • Fixed issue where the initial flight plan segment would not connect correctly after a direct-from was entered in some cases.
  • Various updates to the PDK DataHarvester sample.
  • Various rendering system stability improvements including cases when the VRAM limit is exceeded while DLSS is enabled.
  • Improvements to various airport backgrounds, elevations, and runways.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when changing vehicles if custom cameras were being utilized.
  • Added AUTOGEN_TREE_LOD_BIAS=1.000000 configuration option in the Prepar3D.cfg file. Setting the values under 1.0 will improve the performance of 3D trees at the cost of visual clarity; setting to 0.0 will disable 3D trees.
  • Fixed issue preventing render-to-texture (RTT) views from appearing in docked panels.
  • Fixed issue preventing IFR flight plan from being activated when flight plan was created or scenario with flight plan was loaded. Scenarios experiencing this issue will need to be saved again after updating for fix to take effect.
  • Adjusted default width of fuel percentage column in Fuel and Payload screen.


Prepar3D v6 now supports automatic updates. This is enabled by default and checked on startup. If an update is available a prompt will show asking to download. Additionally, the update can be installed automatically after the download is complete. Otherwise, the update file will be available in the Downloads directory on your machine to install at a later time. Installing an update file does not require any additional steps except for having Prepar3D install the update after the download is complete or manually running the update .msp file. There are no longer client/content/scenery packages that need to be uninstalled prior to updating as in previous versions. Additionally, the update file will be available on the Prepar3D Downloads page. Checking for updates can also be done via the About screen.