IRIS Releases PC9/A Pro Training Series Aircraft for Prepar3D v2

Fly one of the world’s most popular trainers

Prepar3D Developer Network member IRIS Flight Simulation Software invites you to fly one of the world’s most popular trainers and experience a simulation unlike any other in its class!

About the differences in developing for Prepar3D v2, Robert Graham, IRIS lead programmer had this to say:

“The upgrades to the ESP framework that have come from Lockheed in the PREPAR3D 2 updates are from a programmers view point outstanding, addition of new coding items, the support that Lockheed has given both in terms of support and features is second to none. There is a reason that we state that this product is designed for Prepar3D 2, and that is due to the stability of the Prepar3D 2 platform. I can only look forward to the future and the new tools that we are given to make even better products.”


  • Custom sound pack built from authentic PC-9/A audio from both inside the cockpit and the exterior of the aircraft.
  • Custom displays and detailed on-board systems based on publicly available PC-9/A flight manuals designed for procedural training.
  • Realistic flight models build from real world PC-9/A performance charts and tested by pilots with experience on the aircraft.
  • Nine superb HD textures with additional free schemes coming soon to download from the IRIS website!
  • Realistic material reflection and shine.
  • Volumetric propeller effect.
  • Custom HD paint kit with blank texture and stencils in Photoshop PSD format.
  • Custom in cockpit audio for the audible warning system, cockpit chatter and more.
  • Authentic manual and documentation to provide the most realistic procedural simulation possible.


To purchase the IRIS PC/9A for Prepar3D visit the IRIS Flight Simulation Software website.

Exclusive Gallery of the PC9/A in Prepar3D v2.2